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September 14 2016

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August 28 2016

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July 15 2016

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May 18 2016

May 17 2016

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May 15 2016

Claude Shannon, the Father of the Information Age, Turns 1100100
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April 08 2016

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March 27 2016

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Big Sur, California

February 27 2016

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January 12 2016

January 11 2016

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January 05 2016

A visual exploration of the spatial patterns in the endings of German town and village names.
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January 02 2016

— high tide and low tide in great britain. photographs by michael marten

January 01 2016

Big Sur, California
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December 30 2015

I woke up this morning and found this lovely message from a CCC IP address in my server logs.
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December 26 2015

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